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Program Time 5ive establish 2013 By LeAndrew (Coach) Warren 

I started program time in the year 2013 when I decided to take my fitness serious, the main

reason i took up fitness at the age 0f 28 was I knew I was approaching my 30s and it was

time to take my health serious. I feel in love with the fitness process instantly, I worked

my tale off to the point it became an addiction for me. I was so happy to find something 

positive and beneficial for my life. Program time definition is basically get up go hard and 

handle your business, the reason I added a number 5 is for me and my 4 kids. Around the 

time I started my fitness journey my oldest son was playing football, so I got the

idea that I should start training my son and the offseason was work, work, work, work.

My oldest son came into the next season to rock and roll, he was stronger, faster, smarter,

and had confidence, he had his best season so from there I knew my training could have a

positive effect on others. For years I've trained kids for free just for the love of it, 

then had adult would ask me to work out with them or train them and I would also do 

that for free. People started to encourage me to become a personal trainer but it took

me years to finally pursue that goal, once I finally became a personal trainer I felt

like I should have took this trade up but its better late than never. Currently as of 2023

I'm training both adults and kids, also I'm coaching youth sports such as baseball, football,

and basketball. My training skill has  also open the door for me to become a physical education

teacher, working with the youth has really become a passion of mine. Its program time I

will continue this fitness and health movement from now and beyond.


Program Time 5 is a personal fitness service, we provide calisthenics, endurance training, agility, balance  and weights resistance training. We  develop sporting skills such as basketball, football, track, basketball and soccer. Program Time 5 time is for everybody from kids 4 years to our elders. Program Time 5 is also a place where you can find people with the same goal in mind and develop great bonds. through life.


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